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* '''ru:''' На этой странице надо оставлять заявки на получение [[m:bot|статуса робота]]. В этом разделе Википедии действует [[m:Bot policy|стандартная политика в отношении роботов]], что подразумевает автоматическое присвоение статуса некоторым типам роботов.
Bots perform their jobs under a different user name than the owner, so that it is easy to tell them apart. Also, bot edits are hidden from pages like [[SpecialАналлаах:Recentchanges]] to keep them from flooding the list. To see the bot edits click "show bot edits" at the top of [[SpecialАналлаах:Recentchanges|Newest changes]].
The most popular type of bot is called the [http://sourceforge.net/projects/pywikipediabot/ Python Wikipedia Robot Framework] or "pywikipediabot" for short.
== Current bots ==
These users have been given a "bot flag" and are approved to perform tasks:
* [[userКыттааччы:Alexbot|Alexbot]]
* [[userКыттааччы:AlleborgoBot|AlleborgoBot]]
* [[userКыттааччы:CarsracBot|CarsracBot]]
* [[userКыттааччы:Idioma-bot|Idioma-bot]]
* [[userКыттааччы:Purbo T|Purbo T]]
* [[userКыттааччы:Kyraha bot|Kyraha bot]]
* [[userКыттааччы:MelancholieBot|MelancholieBot]]
* [[userКыттааччы:SieBot|SieBot]]
* [[userКыттааччы:StigBot|StigBot]]
* [[userКыттааччы:TXiKiBoT|TXiKiBoT]]
* [[userКыттааччы:VolkovBot|VolkovBot]]
Some other bots make occasional edits here, usually creating [[meta:interwiki|interwiki]] links, but do not have a bot flag:
To get approved to run a bot, describe your bot below, create a new account for it, run some tests for a short time, and get agreement from other users that the bot's use is a good idea. Once that is done, a formal request for a bot flag is made at [[meta:Requests for bot status]].
=== [[UserКыттааччы:Kyraha_bot]] ===
This is мой скромный бот для некоторых тяжёлых монотонных работ сисопа, category ааттарын уларытарга көһөрөргө эҥин. Needs a bot bit please. It's manually driven. I take all responsibilities for its actions. [[UserКыттааччы:Kyraha|Kyraha]] 17:44, 9 Балаҕан ыйа 2008 (UTC)
:: '''Done.'''--[[UserКыттааччы:HalanTul|HalanTul]] 03:05, 11 Балаҕан ыйа 2008 (UTC)
=== [[UserКыттааччы:AwOcBot|AwOcBot]] ===
'''Operator:''' [[UserКыттааччы:AwOc|AwOc]]
<!--Automatic: Specify whether supervised or unsupervised -->
:: '''Done.'''--[[Кыттааччы:HalanTul|HalanTul]] 19:26, 24 Балаҕан ыйын 2009 (UTC)
=== [[UserКыттааччы:TobeBot|TobeBot]] ===
Hello, I request a bot flag on sahwiki.
*'''Operator:''' [[:ja:User:Mymelo]]
# [[sourceforge:projects/pywikipediabot]]
[[CategoryКатегория:Аналлаах сирэйдэр]]
[[haw:Wikipedia:Nā lopakoLopako]]
[[hi:विकिपीडिया:Bot policy]]
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