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== [[User:AwOcBot|AwOcBot]] ==
'''Operator:''' [[User:AwOc|AwOc]]
<!--Automatic: Specify whether supervised or unsupervised -->
<!--Manually Assisted: User must manually confirm every change -->
'''Automatic or Manually Assisted:''' user requests set of changes
'''Programming Language(s):''' php
<!--Please keep Function Summary SHORT-->
'''Function Summary:''' interwiki solving on user request
'''Edit period(s)''' ''(e.g. Continuous, daily, one time run)''''':''' on request
<!--Edit rate requested should be no faster then is required to complete/maintain the task-->
'''Edit rate requested:''' up to one page on pt per request
<!--For existing bots only, place the links of all the botflags-->
'''Already has a bot flag''' ''(Y/N)''''':''' de, en
<!--List full function details here-->
'''Function Details:''' me or trusted users create a list with pages on different pages (e.g. [[:de:User:AwOcBot/iw-job]], like on [[meta:Interwiki_synchronization]]), the bot does the changes (log for test-edits:[[:de:User:AwOcBot/iw-log]])